Celebration of the Millennium of Abbotsbury & Portesham

What is MAP24?

In 1024 Abbotsbury and Portesham were granted as manors by King Canute to his servant Orc. In 2024 the villages are celebrating the millennium of this event – Millennium of Abbotsbury & Portesham (MAP24).

Apart from having fun (the top priority) the aim of the celebration is to:
– raise money and increase publicity for local businesses, charities and groups (putting them on the map)
– donate funds raised by the committee to improve a local facility for the benefit of both villages (changing the map)

At the moment the organisers are Karen Hodgson, Keith Brignell, Lee Worsley and Tim Snape. We will be looking for more volunteers very soon.

Please contact MAandP24@gmail.com if you would like to become involved or to offer ideas.

Go to https://map24.org/ for further information and to register your event or activity for the fair.