From My Mother’s Garden

Workshop 3, Abbey Farm,
Abbotsbury, DT3 4JJ

Website: https:/

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A creative “wearable art” and homeware label under the charming name From My Mother’s Garden.

The label is based at Abbey Farm close to the Abbey Tithe Barn in a recently renovated workshop. The label is the inspiration of Penny Callaghan and as the name suggests it is inspired by her mother’s garden. What sets the range apart is the beautiful prints that Penny has created which transport you into a world that shares the natural beauty and colour of the English garden.

The shop based at Abbey Farm offers a colourful and artistic display of the entire collection including clothing, accessories and homewares. Penny explains, “My idea originally came from my Mother asking my partner and I to take a series of photos of her small but very beautiful garden. She derives such joy from it and so we wanted to capture some of its beauty and share this sentiment.” From My Mother’s Garden uses environmentally responsible fabrics and techniques wherever possible. We use fabrics such as viscose made of wood pulp and other items are made from bamboo, linen and recycled polyester. Sublimation printing is used which minimises wastage and only prints the fabric required.

“For me, it’s about cherishing an item of clothing and valuing it as a work of art in its own right,” says Penny.

Penny is selling the collection online and at selected fashion boutiques and gift shops around the country, as well as the main shop in Abbotsbury Village.