Abbotsbury Tourism and Traders Association

Chairman: Tina Raymond

Vice Chairman: Tim Snape
Email: tbc

Treasurer: Peter Channon

Secretary: Clare Rawlings

Abbotsbury Tourism and Traders AssociationATTA is a group of traders in Abbotsbury whose function is to present to the world the attractions of Abbotsbury Parish, the surrounding coast and countryside.

Membership is only offered to businesses operating within the parish. ATTA itself is not a commercial enterprise, it is an agency for local businesses to share the cost of marketing their services. There is an annual fee, £70 per business for 2018. This income is used to pay computer costs for the upkeep of a website, printing of leaflets which are distributed around the county, and maps of the village, which are placed within the area for visitors to get their bearings. ATTA also organises some funding events to ensure that there is sufficient cash to pay for everything needed.

ATTA is a democratic organisation. The four unpaid officers are elected annually, and carry out the wishes of the membership, as voted upon and minuted at regular meetings.

It is worthy of note that all the local voluntary groups operating in Abbotsbury are offered a page on the ATTA website without any fee.

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