Abbotsbury Tourism and Traders Association

Secretary: Christine Wade
Elworth Farmhouse, Abbotsbury,
Dorset, DT3 4HF
Tel 01305 871693.

Chairman: Kevin Donnelly
Cowards Lake Farm House,
13 West Street,
Abbotsbury, Dorset, DT3 4JT
Tel 01305 871421.

Treasurer: Peter Begley
2 Red Lane, Abbotsbury,
Dorset, DT3 4JS
Tel 07972 216419

Abbotsbury Tourism and Traders AssociationAbbotsbury Tourism and Traders Association (ATTA) comprises 27 members representing shops, businesses, studios, workshops and galleries, as well as accommodation providers in the village. ATTA also promotes this website, distributes leaflets around campsites, hotels and tourist information centres across West Dorset and south Somerset, provides tourist information maps in the village centre and its car parks, and organises the Christmas tree decorations that light up the village every December.