Candles On The Hill 2020

On 22 November 2020 for the Candles On The Hill event, we will be creating a Circle of Light representing a Catherine Wheel, in tribute to St Catherine and also for 2020, a special tribute to those who have been affected by Covid-19.

This Circle of Light will be created by utilising candle bags with a battery operated tea light inserted to bring the spectacle to life.
Check out the pictures below to get inspiration before buying your own white candle bag and decorating it with either pictures, special words or poems

Visit the hill any time after 3.30pm on the day to read the messages on the bags, and if you visit after the sun sets, you will see the bags lighting up the hill.

If you would like to sponsor a bag online please visit


You can also buy a bag to decorate yourself from any of the participating businesses in Abbotsbury.

Bags cost £2.00 with all monies being donated to charity.
Once your bag is decorated, you can return it to the vendor or bring it to St Catherines Hill at 3.30pm on the day. We will place a battery operated tea light in the bag which you can then place in the circle yourself.

We will be following social distancing and asking visitors to do the same.


We look forward to seeing your pictures if you are willing to share them on social media. Make sure you hashtag them #Abbotsbury

If you have any questions please contact