Friends of St Nicholas

Contact details: Peter Evans, Chairman
7 West Street, Abbotsbury, DT3 4JT
Tel 01305 871527.

We are an independent charity that aims to bring together all those who care for the church of St Nicholas, Abbotsbury.
Friends of St Nicholas


Why be a Friend?

Perhaps you have family ties in the parish or have used the church
in the past and would like to maintain a link. You may be a visitor, enjoying the tranquillity, history or architecture and would like to support the upkeep of this beautiful building.

It may just be that you wish to see the church continue to play a part in the lives of ordinary people in Abbotsbury, just as it has for the past 700 years. Members of the church meet the needs of the ministry but the Friends help maintain, restore and enhance the structure and furnishings of the church and its environment. Friends members may not be Anglicans, Christians or hold any beliefs – our common ground is a desire to preserve the building. As a Friend you will receive a newsletter (by email where possible) with all the news and details of forthcoming events.

What do we do?

The objectives of the Friends of St. Nicholas are to assist in the care, maintenance and preservation of the fabric of the church. The financial pressure of increasing costs for maintenance and repair make it essential that we all help to ensure it is able to meet the demands of the future. Over the years we have supported the church fabric in a number of ways:

  • making a significant contribution towards the cost of replacing the lead on the roof following a theft
  • paying for the maintenance of the Victorian clock on the tower, providing a portable lectern and replacing the church gates
  • supplying equipment such as tea urns, curtains and a vacuum cleaner
  • supplying large print prayer books
  • installing the sound system
  • contributing to the church flower fund

There is much we have done and, with an increasing membership, much more we can do. We invite all those who love this church to join us in our work and encourage you to become a Friend of St. Nicholas Church, Abbotsbury. Membership forms will be found in the church or may be obtained from our treasurer, c/o 7 West Street, Abbotsbury, DT3 4JT (tel: 01305 871527).

Forthcoming events in 2017

The Quangle Wangle Choir –
Concert May 14th at 3pm.

Click on image for poster and booking details.
Quangle Wangle Choir
Box Office open 9am – 6pm on 01305 871532.
Tickets also available at the door.

What a weird name for a choir you might be thinking – well I did.
However dip back into the nonsense poems of Edward Lear – I have a little book of these which amuse the grandchildren – and it might make sense. There we find ‘The Quangle Wangle’s Hat’ which tells of The Quangle Wangle Quee who sits in the Crumpetty Tree, lonely and bored for ‘very few people come this way and that life on the whole is far from gay’. He wears an enormous Beaver hat ‘a hundred and two feet wide with ribbons and bibbons on every side…’. However this loneliness was soon to change as a host of new and colourful friends appeared and made their homes in his hat amongst them Mr and Mrs Canary, the Stork , the Duck and the Owl, the Frog, the Fimble Fowl, the Pobble who had no toes and the Blue Baboon with his flute. The Quangle Wangle said to himself ‘When all these creatures move what a wonderful noise there will be’. Twenty years ago The Quangle Wangle Choir emerged from a group of friends sharing coffee, chat and baby minding around Juliet Harwood’s kitchen table ‘to share the buzz and solace of singing together’. They rehearse unaccompanied in a large circle in four or five part harmony and are now in great demand for concerts and private functions even for cruise ships at Portland Port. According to a friend who recently heard them rehearse they make a glorious sound. Fun, friendship and music making is at the heart of the choir. The Friends of St Nicholas are sure that ‘when all these creatures move what a wonderful noise there will be’. I for one look forward to their concert in St Nicholas Church in the afternoon of 14 May. Mary-Lou Anderson (Secretary Friends of St Nicholas)

Open Gardens (Cancelled)
These were advertised to be held on June 25th but we have decided not to hold the event this year. Watch this space for the future.